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I finally got my hands on the ever loved Acne Jensen Boots. I have been eyeing them for so long but couldn’t get myself to pull the trigger. The reason? Though I love the metal tips I wasn’t sure if it would look too trendy. I didn’t want to invest in a pair of boots that would go out of trend within a couple of years. I probably should’ve spent my time thinking about something more productive, but I finally rationalized that the metal tips will always look cool. I mean, look at them! Well, if these turn out to be a trendy piece I’m going to make sure I wear the shit out of them. Get my costs-per-wear worth, ya feel me?

….Aaannd So far I’m doing a crappy job of it. It’s been so hot that I haven’t had a chance to wear them. Granted, I did buy them during summer. I blame it on the weather for my non-sensical (but very sensical) purchase. The heat has been around for so long that I’ve been dreaming for fall and well, prepping my closet for it while dreaming. Plus, how the hell are you supposed to make summer attire look interesting?!

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