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I find myself always wearing a certain piece for a specific occasion (i.e. silk shirt for office wear or tee’s for the weekend) and eventually getting bored of it. A trick I’ve recently learned is to switch the specific occasion piece to a new occasion and it’ll instantly make that piece fun and new again. Maybe a tee that you usually reserve for the weekend with a long office skirt, or an office silk blouse revamped with denim shorts for a casual weekend look. This is a way to help you from getting the shopping bug by “re-shopping” in your closet.

I tend to wear this shirt with tailored pants for an office look, can you picture it already? Yup. This time I took a usually boring blouse and paired it with my cut offs for a much more fun weekend look. It actually made the blouse feel as if it was a new piece again. Try it out. I promise you it’s like magic and saves you from spending money that should’ve gone elsewhere.


IMG_8698 square    IMG_8699 square








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I can’t believe it’s August already. Time seems to really fly by when you’ve got a million things to do. Here’s a list of erratic thoughts flying through my mind for August.

Random thoughts:

Trying to streamline my closet is becoming quite difficult when Zara’s new collection is just so damn good. I’ve got a million things sitting in my cart.

I want to create a life where I’m perfectly happy not traveling, which shouldn’t be confused with not wanting to travel. I want to travel not because I want to escape my life, but because I want to see the world.

How do we feel about suede lining?

Finally finished the bathroom at the boyfriend’s home. Learned a lot of do’s and don’ts in the process.

Been neglecting a handful of people lately due to my busy schedule. Being an adult is tiring.

Planning a wedding sucks. Going to weddings suck. Weddings are a big waste of money. Did I mention I absolutely hate weddings?

Necessary Improvements:

Learn to speak louder, affirmatively, and smoothly

If something makes you uncomfortable, unhappy, or just straight up angry, go ahead and raise your point. Make a strong and logical argument, and if possible, come up with a solution

Don’t complain.




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I try not to follow fashion trends because things eventually recycle as the next in thing. Rather I try to buy things that I like. This is pretty much how I ended up with this suede skirt. The very suede skirt (minus the buttons) that I’m seeing on every blogger/fashion magazine. I still remember my thought process when I saw it years ago, which was, “SUEDE?! NUDE?! SALE?!?!?!?!- YES!!!” All my tingling boxes were filled.

Actually, everything I’m wearing are a couple of years old. Granted it’s nothing special, but those gladiator sandals are my favorite. They have traveled all over the world with me. The tee? Gosh darn it, it’s friggin Comme Des Garcon! And the Chloé bag was on sale a million times before I finally pulled the trigger, which makes me feel like I got a pretty good deal considering my self control.

So the moral of the story? Buy whatever you want, wear it however you want, and who cares about that fashion trend! Wear what makes you confident and happy!



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LinkedIn Influencer, Ellen Petry Leanse, recently published a post on LinkedIn about the word just. It’s a seemingly innocent word, but has a huge impact on how you execute your meaning.


Weak: I just wanted to say thank you for…

Strong and appreciative: I wanted to say thank you for…

Weak: I’m just following up…

Strong: I’m following up…


While I was in law school, I learned a list of words that should never be used. Words like: “obviously”, “clearly”, or “of course” do not belong in any law school classroom or paper- you will definitely get a verbal lashing for using it. If everything was so obvious and clear then why even explain? I have trained myself to stay away from these words and now adding “just” to it.

If you have read the article that I linked above then you will definitely agree that “just” doesn’t make you sound assertive. You may think you’re being polite or friendly, but in the long run it makes you seem insecure. I catch myself using it ALL the time, especially in emails. My goodness, “just” pops up everywhere, like an unwanted pimple. As soon as I take away “just” from any sentence it gives the sentence a different meaning. I suddenly sound confident, still friendly, but I know what I want and I’m going to get it, damn it!





The next time you write up an email or talk to someone be a bit more aware of the word “just.” Take it out of your vocabulary and see how well your sentence is executed. I’m still working on it, but I’m really enjoying the difference it makes in my emails and how well I am perceived.



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Trousers are my new casuals

This is my go to winner nowadays. It’s office appropriate, allows me to move like McJagger, and most importantly (although moving like McJagger really takes the cake), I feel so good in it! Seriously, there’s just something about trousers that makes you feel like you’re up for any task! Whether it’s negotiating with that pesky factory or going to the post office. It’s my confident outfit!

pose 1

Spent the weekend in LA and roamed around so many beautiful spaces. The consensus seems to be that gold accents are the new “in” thing for interior design or maybe I’ve just been living in a cave. It’s definitely something I have bookmarked on pinterest for my future home.



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Hello Friends!

Welcome to findingpris! This is just a fun little space for me to share my photos and the happenings of my day (maybe month). I’m not going to promise to update often and I’m not going to apologize for the lack of updates because this isn’t a commitment. It’s a place where I can post if I suddenly have a double shot of creativity, or if I have something exciting to share that will benefit you. Trust me, you don’t want me to update often cause it’ll be filled with lackadaisical outfits and mundane weather updates. I want this to be a place that entices creativity and inspiration.

I probably just gave the worst sales pitch ever– I’m totally getting you guys interested in my blog (drips of sarcasm). Well, I never said I was a saleswoman.


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