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*Madewell sweater vest, J.Crew shirt and trousers, and Vans slipons

I have never booked a trip with an excessively long layover before. It usually has to do with the fact that 1) I am much too lazy to trek outside the airport for only a couple of hours and 2) I have no urge to stay at an airport for 12 hours. However, this time around, since our business trip was just too much business, my husband and I decided to try a layover for the first time.

I think the best part about our short layover was the fact that it was in Seoul, Korea. They inject a huge amount of money into their tourism, so much so that their tours are free. If we were normal tourists we would’ve totally taken up on their offer, but we’re not, so we didn’t. This short layover was meant strictly for eating and shopping. We went to whatever city life there was, in whatever district we ended up in, and ate our little hearts out. We shopped, and then we had coffee, and more coffee*. We wandered wherever the streets took us, and had no goal. It was a great layover.

We definitely want to go back and visit Seoul again. We had a little taste, and we want more! Short layover trips are great to help you decide if that’s where you want to visit one day. It’s like a little sneak peek. From now on there will be no lazy Priscilla, in fact, I will try to book a long layover whenever I can. A short trip with no plans or goals means less stress, and more frivolity (which is always needed after a business trip).

*I cannot give you any recommendations of coffee or food joints. Half the time I didn’t even know where I was, but that’s the beauty of it!

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