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I try not to follow fashion trends because things eventually recycle as the next in thing. Rather I try to buy things that I like. This is pretty much how I ended up with this suede skirt. The very suede skirt (minus the buttons) that I’m seeing on every blogger/fashion magazine. I still remember my thought process when I saw it years ago, which was, “SUEDE?! NUDE?! SALE?!?!?!?!- YES!!!” All my tingling boxes were filled.

Actually, everything I’m wearing are a couple of years old. Granted it’s nothing special, but those gladiator sandals are my favorite. They have traveled all over the world with me. The tee? Gosh darn it, it’s friggin Comme Des Garcon! And the Chloé bag was on sale a million times before I finally pulled the trigger, which makes me feel like I got a pretty good deal considering my self control.

So the moral of the story? Buy whatever you want, wear it however you want, and who cares about that fashion trend! Wear what makes you confident and happy!


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