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Trousers are my new casuals

This is my go to winner nowadays. It’s office appropriate, allows me to move like McJagger, and most importantly (although moving like McJagger really takes the cake), I feel so good in it! Seriously, there’s just something about trousers that makes you feel like you’re up for any task! Whether it’s negotiating with that pesky factory or going to the post office. It’s my confident outfit!

pose 1

Spent the weekend in LA and roamed around so many beautiful spaces. The consensus seems to be that gold accents are the new “in” thing for interior design or maybe I’ve just been living in a cave. It’s definitely something I have bookmarked on pinterest for my future home.



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Hello Friends!

Welcome to findingpris! This is just a fun little space for me to share my photos and the happenings of my day (maybe month). I’m not going to promise to update often and I’m not going to apologize for the lack of updates because this isn’t a commitment. It’s a place where I can post if I suddenly have a double shot of creativity, or if I have something exciting to share that will benefit you. Trust me, you don’t want me to update often cause it’ll be filled with lackadaisical outfits and mundane weather updates. I want this to be a place that entices creativity and inspiration.

I probably just gave the worst sales pitch ever– I’m totally getting you guys interested in my blog (drips of sarcasm). Well, I never said I was a saleswoman.


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